Delivering a Knockout Design in a Fiercely Competitive Market


The Adidas Originals Over-Ear headphones are the result of a unique collaboration between Monster and Adidas Orginals, fusing the bestt in audio performance with serious street cred to deliver a sound experience worthy of the Trefoil. Adidas Originals by Monster headphones have dual audio input jacks that let you link your MusicShare headphones together and share the audio. Plug in and experience music and movies with your friends.


In the fiercely competitive headphone market, point-of-purchase displays play a key role in retail sales. So when Monster wanted to introduce a new line of Adidas Orginal headphones, it needed a display to stop potential buyers in their tracks and drive them to action. With time running out before the holidays, Monster sought out One World Solutions with our capabilities to engineer not just a display, but a show-stopping experience - while ensuring the display's arrival in stores nationwide with room to spare.


Leveraging our deep knowledge of P-O-P dispalys and extensive capabilities that cover every aspect of the process from design throught fulfillment, We developed not only a display but an audio-visual extravaganza. Combining the best of audio, and video, materials, light and graphics, the display hit the mark by drawing attention to the new headphones at the point of sales and driving up demand across the entire sales distribution network.

Project Summary

The display centerpience features a clear thermoformed plastic hub line none other that literally glows with the help of LED lighting and screen-printing. We utlized 3D rendering to present this visual representation. Over-ear and on-ear headphones rest on the hub, while in-ear buds are clearly seen inside. The use of a large video screen framed by bold and colorful graphics takes the video impact to a new level. The bottom level also communicates messaging designed to eliminate LED lighting hot spots that would detract from the stunning effect.