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Application Integration

Our integration solutions are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms like the cloud and virtual servers, they can be readily adapted for future requirements.

Because our global consulting team uses best practices as well as frameworks and methodologies, we can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA..


Our experience engineers work with your team to evaluate business needs, assess the state of disparate ecosystems and identify areas for integration. We take a structured approach, employing proven service-oriented architecture and service integration methodologies.

Our application integration services will allow your enterprise to 1) update existing or legacy applications to "talk" to other applications, 2) integrate web-based features into older desktop applications and 3) collaborate with One World Solutions' application integration service team to synchronize your business processes with technology making your organization more competitive and responsive to change.

Data transformation is the process of converting data from one format (e.g. a database file, XML document, or Excel sheet) to another. Because data often resides in different locations and formats across the enterprise, data transformation is necessary to ensure data from one application or database is intelligible to other applications and databases, a critical feature for applications integration. In a typical scenario where information needs to be shared, data is extracted from the source application or data warehouse, transformed into another format, and then loaded into the target location. Extraction, transformation, and loading (together known as ETL) are the central processes of data integration. Depending on the nature of the integration scenario, data may need to be merged, aggregated, enriched, summarized, or filtered. One World Solutions conducts the first step of data transformation by data mapping. Data mapping determines the relationship between the data elements of two applications and establishes instructions for how the data from the source application is transformed before it is loaded into the target application.

User Interface /

One World Solutions application integration architecture user experience (UX) focuses on "the citizen integrator," which means it's a powerful but approachable application integration architecture - easy to set up and easy to use without compromising the need to manage complex data and process flows.


One World Solutions integration services are created for next generation application and data integration requirements. Orchestrations, schedules, connections and security details are managed by the Designer, Manager and monitoring activities.

One World Solutions role in Integrating your Application is to plan, coordinate, archetect, and supervise all activities related to the integration of your software program, applications, and third-party solutions as required to meet the business requirements of your organization. We are also responsible for development and maintaining an architecture blueprint for your company, overseeing testing of the interoperability of application modules including:

  • Those under development by in-house software development teams.
  • Commercial off-the-shelf software deployed in the organization
  • External third parties as necessary
  • Our proven experience in problem-solving skills, and knowledge of integration best practices are what make our integration of your application successful.

    Recognizing this, organizations are re-defining their IT needs and re-engineering their existing applications to attain long-term future business objectives.

    At One World Solutions, we understand your business requirements and the complexity involved within. We work with you to devise solutions that help you achieve your business objectives and gain a long-term edge over the competition. We help our customers integrate third party applications and to transform in-house IT systems and applications by leveraging latest technology platforms, frameworks, and software products combined with One World Solutions' domain expertise and technology skills.


    With the ever changing and ever-increasing market requirements, application modernization and re-engineering intiatives have taken the front seat in devising ways to upgrade their business processes and services to keep pace with the rapidly moving business world and business strategies.

    Scaling /

    Performance Scaling is needed when we are dealing with performance problems because of high traffic. Here no amount of optimization is going to help you since the issues are of different nature.

    One World Solutions can address these issues in varies ways:

    Vertical Scaling (Scaling Up): Vertical scaling is achieved by adding extra resources such as more memory or an additional CUP to the existing servers. Scaling vertically, which is also called scaling up, usually requires downtime while new resources are being added and has limits that are defined by hardware.

    Horizontal Scalling (Scaling Out): Horizontal scaling is achieved by adding more machines into your pool of resources. An important advantage of horizontal scalability is that it can provide administrators with the ability to increase capacity on the fly.

    After all of the system and environment assessments and analysis, planning, configuration, implementation, testing and deployment phases are complete; there are still the daily operations that have to be managed. This final phase of system auditing and day-to-day monitoring can be handled internally, externally by trained system specialists, or both.

    One World Solutions is highly skilled in the area of system maintenance and understands the crucial role in supporting the integration and operations of companies that continuously seek to optimize and improve their processes. One World Solutions provides maintenance services to correct faults, improve performance, modify attributes, or adapt a product to a modified environment, where the client has an existing custom or off-the-shelf application and needs help in maintaining and/or enhancing the application on a regular basis.

    Support &

    The decision to implement an integration solution usually leads to more requirements, more questions and more complexity. Overall, implementing an integration solution, large or small, can be a daunting task.

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