3 Unexpected Specific Ways Your Company Needs A Mobile App

There’s no shortage of barely useful generalized information out there about how a mobile app can help your company. Blanket statements such as “brand recognition” and “customer engagement” are all true, but what about specific usages? We discovered a few specific usages of mobile apps that can definitely empower your brand and increase customer engagement, but with real practical application.

Rewards Program

Does your company currently use- or need- a rewards program? Often when there are rewards programs, the user wants to know how many more points they need to cash out and get something. With a mobile app, this can be very easy. Starbucks is a classic example of this. Even Smashburger now has a mobile app for their customers to track their points. A Rewards Program can build loyalty for your company by giving back. A mobile app that accompanies a rewards program simply makes it more effective and fun for your customer.


Does your company need or use reservations at all for its services? Guests don’t like to call in and confirm their appointments or meetings. GPS-enabled reservation systems are amazing ways for guests to manage their reservations, confirm appointments, and also be shown with a map inside the app where their appointment is. If your company facilitates reservations, appointments, meetings of any kind, a mobile app your client can download and use will make their life and your life much easier.

Community and Communication

If there is any current or potential community element to your company, you need a mobile app. Social engagement is not going away, and people are more likely to engage on their smartphones. Dating apps, social media apps: these are popular because of their ease of use on smartphones.


Most apps get deleted because of their lack of social engagement.

Community is the future.  


There is only so long somebody wants to engage with their own personal clicks on an app. Child care companies are using apps in this way. Daily Connect allows communication and child care management to be done through the app so at any time a parent can see how their child is doing and communicate directly through the app to the child care provider. Instead of frantic calls and constant text messaging, which only distracts the child care provider, this entire management of the care of the children is taken care of in the app. And the parent is constantly kept in the loop, so everyone wins.

Mobile apps are built to scale UP your business. Get a thorough business consultation so ingenuity is built into the app before any coding even starts.

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