How To Choose A Company To Build Your Mobile App

You have arrived to a place in your business development where it’s time to create an app for your company’s products and services. The creation of an app is a monumental step for your company, and hand-picking a qualified and competent company to service this business development step is of paramount importance. Truthfully, your brand and potential sales are on the line.

Here are 4 tips to select a company to build your mobile app:

1) Make sure you are actually ready to invest in a mobile app.

Investing the time and money into building a mobile app for your company is a tremendous (and wise) business decision for your company. You are essentially inserting your business into an expanded version of the marketplace– the app marketplace for Google Android and Apple. More exposure will occur on your business with a mobile app, so ask yourself: is your company ready for increased traffic? Are you clear on why you want and need a mobile app? Do you have a team of people who will assist in the project of getting the mobile app clarified from the vision creation to start of the project to the final touches? How about, do you have an in-house (or other) team to maintain the health of the mobile app after its creation? A mobile app, just like a website, must be paid attention to even after it’s built. Who will do this?

These are questions to answer before your hire a company to build your app so you necessarily spend money that isn’t directly aimed at the software and design of your app.

2) Find a company who has results you can SEE and experience.

If you’re ready to invest in an app, this is NOT the time to save money, so make sure you can actually see the results of the company and try it out for yourself. You want to hire someone who has created an app before and who can demonstrate the results.

3) Demand a company you can communicate with.

Look, there are companies around the globe that do software services obviously, but if you cannot easily and readily communicate with them, what is the point? You need to find a company that has built apps before, has a strong background not only in attractive and functional design, but in customized software development. But you have to be able to easily communicate with them. Unless you yourself are a software person, there will be many things about the development of this project you do not understand, and you don’t want to be inundated with nomenclature that leaves you in a state of confusion of what’s going on with your project, so then you’re the total effect of the project and no longer an active participant. You have to find someone you can communicate with, easily and readily, period.

4) Surrender what you don’t know to the expertise of the company.

Assuming you execute #1-3 in this list, you MUST then surrender your project goals, vision, and ideas to the expertise of the company you select. This does not mean you send a couple emails and then are delivered a final project with no input along the way. In fact, that is not recommended and could wind you up in trouble. Unless you yourself are trained in software development, you are not the expert. Unless you yourself have designed projects for Adidas and the NFL, then you are probably not skilled enough in design to alone make designs decision that will ultimately differentiate your company from the ocean of others out there.

Save yourself migraines and money by letting the company you select do their job and effectively service your business goals via mobile app design. Projects draw out longer and invoices stack up higher when clients don’t let the company service their plans but instead, re-invent the wheel halfway through the project causing confusion on both sides.

There is a strong element of trust that must be in place when you work with a software company. But this trust should only be in place with Grade A software companies. Don’t hire someone with whom you can’t communicate and who doesn’t have a proven track record of custom software and design development. Demand visuals that show what can and should be done, and be prepared to delegate the design and functionality of your project to the professionals through the life-cycle of your mobile app’s creation.

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