Branding: What The Greats Know For Certain

What is it about extraordinary companies that makes them seem like towering giants?

Companies like Apple, Google, Dison, Airbnb, Nike, Tesla, Amazon, and Starbucks.

These companies have brands so pervasive, they’ve become benchmark standards in their industries.

Today consumers are a swift Google search away from finding their solution. With hundreds of new websites being created daily across the globe, new businesses are entering the marketplace all the time. But you don’t want to blend into this proverbial sea of sameness with your business because doing an average business is the same as giving up just as soon as you start.

One asks: how do these great companies significantly set themselves apart?

Their brands are so ingenious they create leagues of their own. They are so smart in their business strategy that they end up leading the pack and factually creating the new expectations of tomorrow.

Here’s the truth about expectations: they are what you learn yesterday.

You can’t adhere to expectations and expect to innovate. Those two concepts don’t swim in the same stream.

To innovate and turn the tide of your industry you need to do the unexpected.
You need to defy what the others are doing like clockwork.

Case in point: Airbnb completely technologized the way people rent out spaces. Before Airbnb, you had vacation rentals (which is its own industry), you had the overarching hotel industry, and you had hippie-esque couch surfing. Sure, you could go on Craigslist and take a risk renting a room off there, if gambling with your safety was something you were okay with. But essentially you had a multi-million dollar accommodations industry plugging along the same way it had been for multiple decades. You see, Airbnb took an industry and really changed it. Before Airbnb, there was no official way to rent out rooms, short-term apartments, or unique spaces you had. There was no real, legitimate, safe way to do this.

But Airbnb saw something that was not being done, and changed it using technology.

If you want your brand to stand out, then you can’t adhere to the expectations of today, otherwise you’re already fading into the past.

The best way to innovate is to examine your industry and find out what you hate about it. And then change that. Again, you can’t use what the expectation is and think you’re going to stand out. The expectation today is what innovation of yesterday created.

Instead seek to surprise your customers and give them the solution that sighs: “This is perfect.”

Being unexpected in your industry will set the new standard of tomorrow.
What is innovating today will eventually be the expectation of tomorrow.
If you evaluate your industry and find what could make it better, more efficient, more pleasurable, more fair, then you can construct your brand from there.

But if your brand seems just like others, then you will dog-paddle hard against the current and eventually get whisked away.

The giant household company names of today are living in the future. They are not trying to handle today. They are anticipating our future needs—needs we may not even be aware of. That’s what makes them great.

They live not like average homo sapiens but dream like the architects of tomorrow they are. 

That’s why we say that technology is the future, and why we build the future. Because with technology you can create solutions that weren’t before available. You can address very unique problems and streamline solutions that interface with your iphone.

Do you want your business to be remarkable?

Look ahead. That’s where you’re going, and that’s what your customer wants you to address.

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