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Strategy & Consulting

The strategy team at One World Solutions begins by developing requirements for the project through direct collaboration with our customer. One World Solutions focus is to increase website growth through strategic consulting based on user behavior. The strategy team focuses on creating a fully integrated experience - The Customer Journey.

The main mission of our strategists is to become your trusted advisor and develop deeper relationships. We don't simply want to build on online solutions for you and leave you on your own. The overall and long-term goal is to become more integrated in our clients' decision making processes to help make the right decisions. This should lead to an increase in profitability by generating increased conversions throughout all digital assets of a company.

Idea &

The Discovery process is structured in three phases: "Identification, Analysis, and Recommendations" - (IAR). The three aspects of the process work together to define the vision and scope of work the work at hand.

In addtion, we use the IAR to provide recommendations to achieve our customer's future goals and objectives. The identification component of the IAR is driven by high-level customer input coupled with One World Solution's previous experience with similiar projects. During identification, we conduct customer interviews about their goals and needs and review any existing documentation or artifacts relevant to project. The information captured in this step is documentated and shared with project stakeholders in preparation for the Analysis task.

Instead, we tailor a research design that will tranform how you market, message, and develop your products. We talk to your staff and sales team. We do follow-up questions with your clients and prospects. We will iterate as we go determine that the "question" we thought we were originally answering is actually something very different from our original hypothesis. And finally, we deliver a comprehensive report that details our findings and provides actionable strategy to help you mmove forward. We create a research methodology based on the questions you want answered. Our methods included focus group, in-depth interviews (either in-person or on the phone), ethnographic research, and online panel discussions. We pair our research with the most advanced technology, including mobile ethnographies, social media listening, and mobile diaries In all of our study designs, we go beyond the surface to what people actually say by using projective techniques and creative exercises that tap into something deeper than what people tell us.


We probe. We examine what's going on in the wider marketplace and seek to pinpoint what you're looking for. From there, we design a research methodology that will answer your specific question(s). We don't apply an off-the-shelf tactic, nor give you a canned solution.


Are you wondering what your competitors are up to and why they are continuosly ranking higher than you in the search engines? A competitive analysis program may help you. This is a great way to learn more about your competitor's strengths and weaknesses on the Internet.

An in-depth investigation and analysis of your competition is one of the most important components of a comprehensive marketing analysis. Our competitive analysis allows you to assess your competitor's strengths and weaknesses in your marketplace and implement effective strategies to improve your competitive advantage. Carring out competitor website analysis and website marketing analysis delivers two main benefits. The first is that it identifies the exploitable holes and weaknesses in your competitors' websites and other web assests and secondly it helps to identify the weaknesses in your website when compared to their strengths. This knowledge can then be used to remedy your issues and exploit their deficiences.

A good persona is a narrative that describes a person's typical day and experiences, as well as skills, attitude, background, environment, and goals. Personas identify the person's motivations, expections, aspirations and behaviors. Personas bring the "user" to life, providing a specific target to aid developers in designing a final product. Observation is key when creating and using personas to understand what drives the user (the "why") so you can build around that. Personas allow you to understand, identify and communicate what the user needs efficiently and effectively. Personas, along with usability testing, identify specific opportunities to improve, innovate on, and bridge the gaps to make sure you are delivering a fully functional and usable product with the most value to user.


While you can collect data for personas using surveys, personas are not based on what customers like or don't like about a company, website or product. One World Solutions concentrate on what a user does, what frustrates the user, and what gives the user satisfaction.


One World Solutions works to understand commercial objectives and organizational challenges to create a successful strategy. We help to uncover end user insights to the deliver the most optimal solution.

One World Solutions helps craft a design strategy that will create an immediate impact for your business/organization. We then use those designs to translate them into a functional information architecture. One World Solutions then supports the entire design and build lifecycle through information architecture solutions that are implemented.

One World Solutions guide you through every stage in creating visual designs and information taxonomies. We start by interviewing employees, assessing current processes and creating a concept model. Our unique method of requirements gathering and validation via interviews, workshops and employee "shadowing" involves everyone in your company/organization throughout the project.

Instead of trying to combine the functionality/layout and creative/branding aspects of the project in one step, wireframes ensure that these elements are taken in one at a time. This allows clients (and other team members) to provide feedback earlier in the process. Skipping wireframes delays the design and development process and feedback because full design mock-ups must be reworked. Wireframing is one of those parts of the web process that should not be skipped, just as you wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, or live in it without decoration. Each step has an important place in a larger process.


Behind every successul business is a blueprint to success! Our seasoned UI and UX designers understand all the steps in a good user experience and how to make your project memorable and enhances the satisfaction of your users. Our team stay up to date with the latest trends to give our customers the best possible chance of winning.

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