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DashBox is a state of the art digital download station with the additional feature of independent dynamic LED screens for advertising. The system contains a front-end customer interfacing unit, complete with touch screen monitor(s), credit card readers and data interchange ports. From the DashBox unit, customers can select content they wish to download (transfer to their media player or USB drive), pay for it via our touchscreens and then interact with their portable media player to transfer the downloadable file.

In addition to providing consumers with a new method of obtaining content for their portable media players, or USB drives, the DashBox units are also designed to provide an advertising platform for other business desiring to reach the same audience. The DashBox kiosk units are built with up to three LCD screens, each of which are capable of projecting still or motion advertisement content. For dual stations, one of the three screens will be dedicated to advertising promotions, while the other two will be primarily for interfacing with the end user.


One Wold Solutions was asked to produce an advanced software solution to manage the large network of coupon kiosk located within retail outlets across America. With the goal of distributing over 100 kiosks and digital signage systems within the network, the One World Solution software intelligently monitors and produces live statistics on the number of dispensed coupons.


We provided software intelligently monitors and produces live statistics on the number of dispensed coupons to help calculate the rebutes to the stores as well as providing key information to retailers on purchasing trends.

Project Summary

The DashBox kioks software has proven to be an excellent way of attracting potential customers to promotions and advertisers. Since the installation of the digital interactive systems our client has reported a higher rate in coupon redemption and an increase in store sales by up to 20-24% with individual products experiencing an increase of up to 266%. DashBox coupons have plans to install an additional 100 multifunctional kiosk into leading supermarket chains across the USA by 2019.