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Dedicated Teams

Dedicated software development teams are a very popular solution among companies that wish to have cost-effective extended development resources assigned exclusively for them, and retaining their unique domain knowledge.

One World Solutions, provides exclusive, dedicated full-time technical staff on long-term basis. With a dedicated team, you can handle your software development projects quickly and efficiently at much lower cost compared to using in-house resources. We don't refer to our dedicated teams as out-sourcing since we utilize our own proprietary management system which enables our clients real-time access to our teams. We call our process virtual sourcing.


One World Solutions uses a variety of project management methodologies to manage our dedicaed teams, from waterfall, agile to flex approach; we assign the best methodology to fit your business model. Utilzing our proprietary project management software we tailor the best fit for our clients projects.

One World Solutions utilizes our dedicated teams as an effective solution for structured product development strategy that is focusd on a single project - typically for large projects. Good candidates for our dedicated teams include projects that require ongoing development and expert support. We utilize a continuous release service to focus the team's collective mind and acts as stong motivator to meet deadlines. Further, our dedicated teams immediately surface any potential problems. That lets the client provide timely feedback and make immediate decisions about specific features.

We provide a transparency method of monitoring our development process of our dedicated teams by providing our clients access to the development process by utilzing our proprietary project management system. Our clients see the tasks, and the progression of their project with the ability to provide notes and insight while the project is in development. This real-time method allows our dedicated team and clients to work together to create a succussful project experience.

The Analysis Phase is also the part of the project where we identify the overall direction that the project will take through the creation of the project strategy documents. Gathering requirements is the main attration in our Analysis Phase. The process of gathering requirements is usually more than simply asking the client what they need and writing their answers down. Depending on the complexity of the application, the process for gathering requirements has a clearly defined proces of its own. This process consists of a group of repeatable processes that utilize certain techniques to capture, document, communicate, and manage requirements. This formal processs which will be developed by One World Solution in collaboration with our client consists of four basic steps.

  • Elicitation - Asks questions, you talk, we listen
  • Validation - We analyze, we ask follow-up questions
  • Specification - We document, and ask follow-up questions
  • Verification - We all agree
  • Analysis /

    When appointing a dedicated team, the analysis phose is where the project lifecycle begins. The analysis phase is where you break down the deliverables in the high-level Project Chapter into the more detailed business requirements.


    It is well known that a strong cohesive team is an effective and productive team. But how does one convert a group of developers into a successful team? One World Solutions utilizes strategies that have proven effective in developing a cohesive team.

    The development of any custom software or systems integration points which includes our dedicated teams are built on a dedicated virtual server environment matching the spefications provided by the client on our One World Solutions virtual servers. This provides us the environment so we can isolate the development and testing for each client.

    The development of any custom software or systems integration points assigned to one of our dedicated teams will require the teams to develop the project to be managed centrally and backed up in source controlled environment MVC system. This allows us to manage versions of the code as they are modified, branch code bases for various product versions, and to maintain a structured approach to our development initiatives.

    One World Solutions QA members are aligned and function as an integrated team along with the developers. In this approach, testers are part of the dedicated team within the team size and would retain within the team throuhgout the development cycle until the release of the application.

    In this case the testers still belong in the QA space and have a dotted-line relationship with the project manager, but they would be a part of the dedicated team and perform their task as a member of the development team.

    Testing &
    Quality Assurance

    One World Solutions QA teams work along side the dedicated team but with the authority needed to implement their results. A good QA is the systematic process of checking to see whether our services under development meet the specified requirements.


    In this final stage, your solution(s) are fully deployd into your full production environment. Our project development team works alongside you for user acceptance testing and issue resolution and assists with the cutover of the solution in the production network.

    One World Solutions Dedicated Teams provide all the support your business needs to ensure a successful global deployment, including project management, training, engineering services, skateholder reporting and business intelligence.

    Our deployment strategies are supported with complete, end-to-end project management services, including deployment scheduling, planning and training on a market-by-market and team-by-team basis. Deployment management also includes project control and governance, stage assessments, quarterly implementation reporting and full project life-cycle analysis.

    The team at One World Solutions knows what it takes to make you and your organization successful when implementing mission critical software applications. Time and time again, professional software support and maintenance proves to be a must have for many, if not all, organizations, regardless of size. Our trained support professionals will guide you through onboarding, utilization and trouble shooting. With our years of in-depth industry domain expertise, we will work with you to learn and understand your specific challenges and needs and help you every step of the way.

    One World Solutions offers a world class level of technical support to customers. By assisting you in the resolution of technical issues with our software solutions, we aim to achieve rapid entry into production with an immediate and sustainable return on customer investment.

    Support &

    Every One World Solutions' client gets access to a Dedicated Engagement Manager (not a help desk) for all their account support needs. Every Global Service representative is a resource you can trust to make your dedicated team partnership a success.

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