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IVQ mobile is a unique robust communication platform enabling any organization to inexpensively create a BUSINESS SOCIAL space allowing the use of business productivity tools to market and promote products and services.


IVQ Mobile came to us with a mobile application creaed in PhoneGap, but wanted the ability to utilize the full potential of the native phone's OS in the iOS and Andoid devices. The IVQ mobile application needed to utilize all of the features of the original mobile app, but also create new features for events, RSVP ability and the ability to purchase tickets and share digital business card information that was created in a mobile digital business card engine.


The first of our task was to create a new web portal utiilizng PHP and the Symfony framework. This enabled us to create a very efficent web platform that allowed for members to signup and create their own unique features for their groups. This also enabled IVQ to implement a custom banner ad feature that could be targetted to specific groups and activities, based on selected criteria. Then we implemented a totally new mobile UI/UX. The new design needed to be a level up and give their members a smooth, beautiful mobile experience. We focus not only on the design but also on making the software useful first. Then, and only then, do we focus on the aesthetics of the design.

Project Summary

The development of the IVQ mobile app in iOS and Android as a native app allowed us to take advantage of native capabilities like Core Data and mapping tools to create a seamless experience. The speed with which the native app can access these tools improves the user experience across the board... resulting in an app that lets users utilize the app quickly and smoothly to take advantage of all of the mobile app features. To achieve this we refined the home screen to ensure that it did only what it needed to: support the primary use case of people that wanted to connect to other business groups and have the ability to join those groups and send their digital business card to other members of the group. For people interested in attending the group activities we implemented the ability to RSVP to activities and also enable the group to incorporate the ability to charge for the attendace of these activities of the group events. With the new web portal and admin features the IVQ app provides groups the features that were intended in the original app but truly capable of implementing in the new IVQ mobile app.