An unique shuttle service offering a pre-scheduled "ride share" to and from school.


Kidzjet wanted to implement their business mobile with the goal of scalability and growth. Create a new brand and strategy for their company to attract organizations, schools, and businesses to join their service. Kidzjet focus is on the community and providing a service that reaches out to families and enables kids to have a pleasent experience utilizing their services and their after school activity programs.


Kidzjet created a shuttle service offering a pre-scheduled "ride share" to and from school, after school activities, athletic events or anywhere your students need to be. They cnocentrated on providing a safe and dependable service to help extend their outreach to new students and add value to their existing ones. The business needed to improve their internal business structure and online strategy. Kidzjet wanted to expand their sales model to prepare for future growth.


We structured a business strategy that would create the Kidzjet internal sales personnel, we worked with the stakeholders to establish their new online brand. This started by designing a new website UI/UX and work to create their mobile app development strategy. Utilzing our business consultants, a video presentation was created that allowed Kidzjet to present their message in a visual way.

Project Summary

The Kidzjet project was a fun project as we worked closely internally with the stackholders to help expand a service that we feel was a benefit to the community. Utilizing our team of consultants and designers, we created a vibrant and engaging website. This allowed for parents and potential drivers to have an easy process to signup for the service. With the creation of two mobile apps, one for parents and one for drivers, Kidzjet was able to utilize their business goals. expand their sales model, and present an online presence that would expand their business.