See What's Going On Around The World In Realtime


Limelight is taking the Social Media model and flipping it on its head. Limelight's unique map lets you visualize where users are concentrated while easily navigating to locations of interest to request photos & insights from real people around the world. They leverage this powerful social interaction to create an exciting new way for major news outlets and content providers to quickly crowd source content globally.


There were numerous technical challenges in the design and architecture of limelight the photo sharing app that is expected to go viral and reach millions of users. Flexibility, scale, and high availability are core considerations. The app must be fun and engaging, provide an intuitive, "sticky" user experience. The photo-sharing aspects bring particular performance and responsiveness challenges as the app must maintain quality and speed while sharing photos from locations around the world in real-time. The architect must support multiple platforms - in this case, iOS and Android.


Since we wanted to have something that can combine photo sharing and GPS location based profile building we had to keep the interface engaging and simple to use so the user could understand and make the operation of the app as smooth as possible. The app demanded intgration of features to add friends, send photos, request photos based on users locations required everything working in tandem with each other. Since there had to be many profiles accompanied by hundred of photos, personal location data, friends, follows, etc. the app required a massive database storage space.

Project Summary

We ultimately came up with a social photo sharing app in the form of a unique and engaging mobile UI, which had the capabilities to be used instead of both Twitter and Instagram. We created an app with a difference that let users have social connection with others, while also sharing pictures, related to the users location.