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WEB DESIGN • WEB DEVELOPMENT • WEB PORTAL • E-COMMERCE • MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT wanted to stand out from the online competition by implementing social network tools to create a social engagement model to enhance the online shopping experience for the company's clients in search of Seller's products.


At one point, realized their current static website was not enough for efficient sales and approached One World Solutions requesting development of an e-commerce web application that allowed for individual Sellers to upload and sell their products via their platform and track the sale through the full distribution cycle, and enable to manage the logistics of their Seller's shipping process.


Our team was tasked with creating an unique shopping experience for individual Sellers and a method of allowing the Sellers to have an unique selling experience. For this purpose we created a PHP based eCommerce platform that allowed the Sellers the opportunity to create their own social network that would collectively organize a potential customer base. With the addition of social features, such as chat, messaging, friend requests, and financial management. The addition of these tools will enable potential Buyers to have an instant connection with Sellers for product information.

Project Summary

In the course of the collaboration with the stakeholders, One World Solutions team delivered a social based eCommerce platform with a member's portal that enabled the Sellers and Buyers to follow the purchasing process from sale to delivery. The platform incorporates a more personal shopping experience thanks to the following features.

  • Rich Website UI/UX that will provide a pleasent and easy to navigate shopping process
  • Internal Chat System which enables members to instantly chat with Sellers and other Customers to discuss products and lessen the return of product by asking questions before purchase
  • Financial Management System for sale tracking through the full purchasing of shipping purchased products
  • Notification System allows for Sellers and Buyers to receive notificatios when a Seller's product is purchased