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Software Development

It's easy to get caught up in the features you want in your application without thinking about the user experience, but most applications fail because they're overbuilt, clunky or just hard to use. That's where we come in. We don't view application development as a coding or technology exercise; that's the easy part. The challenge, and our expertise, is in figuring out how your application helps solve a problem and how we can make it easy and fun to use. We revel in helping you find the best possible way to interact with your users, then making that solution as elegant and beautiful as we can.

Of course, half the fun for us is finding elegant technical solutions to solve the problem. Development at One World Solutions is about exploring novel approaches to your unique business problem and building applications that solves the problem effortlessly. Well, it will look effortless, but we will have put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to get to the place where your users just see an application that makes their lives easier.


We have a team of experienced business analysts specialized in various industry domains. In addition to deep understanding of the particulars of your business area, our analysts are programming experts.

Our specialists will help you analyze your idea comprehensively, consider the most favorable projet options and create the optimal informational solutions. When you conceive an idea about new software in your mind, you realize at once that you have no answers to many questions. You need assistance of competent specialists, who do not just have a good understanding of programming, but understand your internal business.
Our people have immense experience in software development and have obtained knowledge participating in large scale projects developed by our company jointly with business partners worldwide.
Our specialists will help you analyze your idea on all accounts:

  • consider the previous custom development experience in this domain;
  • study the specifics of your commercial activity and internal business processes;
  • stipulate the most appropriate project options from the technological and market points of view.
  • We always aspire to higher quality designing solutions in order to bring the ultimate user experience in every project we do. We get a clear understanding of your business model and your target audience thus creating the right UI/UX design. Then we design an aesthetically pleasant and trustworthy user interface. User interface design services are all about designing for the users, and this is exactly what we focus on at One World Solutions. We create user interface designs that are relevant to the pattern and menu structure, we leave no stones unturned to come up with the most effortless and enjoyable browsing experience.
    Our UX team ensures that the needs of the end user are always indentified, understood and merged with business, design and technological objectives to create optimum interactive experience. The user's experience is one of the most important factors deciding the success of your project.

    User Interface/

    The difference between a highly effective software project and a costly failure is often not measured by the capabilities of the software, but rather its interface.

    Software /

    Your software system's behavior can drastically affect your business performance. Avoiding requirement misunderstandings or communication barriers before they turn into unexpected losses.

    Specification for your future system is made as detailed as possible to ensure all your specific elements and included and emphasized. Our dedicated and professional Quality Assurance team guarantees excellent quality of the documentation. If you still do not have detailed requirements specifications for your future software or have some doubts about the existing one, One World Solutions' team can help create it from scratch or examine your documentation to ascertain whether it matches your business and technological demands or not.
    We create wireframes for software systems of any complexity. Use our profound skills and substantial experience in application mechanics and business logic modeling to review and crosscheck vital software features before the development starts.

    We develop standard, unified methods of interaction and data exchange between components as well as data and message formats. We can migrate legacy data from outdated formats and storages and in some cases, create an enterprise service to which all the necessary modules and components are then connected eo ensure scalability.
    If you need to keep the existing legacy system, we provide transparent data conversion between systems, if required, we develop specialized adapters and connectors based on standard protocols, messaging services and tools to access databases and other data sources.


    We integrate various features, components, and data even if standard means for it are unavailable. We can keep the existing legacy system or migrate it to a new solution - fully or partially.


    Creating a strong backbone to any website, requires knowing what resources to use and how to best allocate them. We offer scalable cost effective customized solutions to help you improve any facet of your site.

    Application systems today have become so complex that it is no longer feasible to deliver a system using a big bang process. Quality control and the measurement of critical success factors must be applied continuously, with smaller efforts that are delivered frquently.

    One World Solutions ensures that your software initiatives are of the highest quality and will meet your business needs precisely. These processes do more than just ensure a high quality software product; they also keep development cost low by uncovering bugs or incorrect business requirements long before the software is deployed to production. It takes more than just a knowledge of development processes and business-driven metrics to deploy a successful software initiative; it also requires a trained and experience engineering team that can work on a wide variety of platforms, programming languages, databases, and software development technologies.

    What you get is a full cycle of professional services to ensure the best user experience possible. We take care of your internal IT systemsm to provide you with business continuity as well as handle all issues your clients might face. Our deep industry expertise allows you to focus on core business activities wile we handle all the IT issues.

    One World Solutions support & Maintenance specialists will take care of your business processes running smoothly, so that you won't have to worry about such issues as converting old data into new formats or automating the document flow. Get rid of daily routine tasks by involving our support & maintenance specialists in data processing and document management - this will help reduce TCO and cust cost of business operations.

    Support &

    With One World Solutions, you can fully rely on our team to take care of your software and IT system maintenance. We ensure around the clock, top notch user experience for you and your clients: from impartial software assessment & consulting to 24/7 IT system maintenance.

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