Support Your Favorite Causes with every click and purchase. ZipHub Gives over 25% of their income!


ZipHub offers discount Daily Deals and Sponsored Ads for local advertisers. One World Solutions was tasked with the development of each stage of the project. Utilizing multiple software stacks from Java, PHP, NodeJS we were able to create a unique PPC system integrated with an online Sponsored Ad that integrated into a backoffice admin station for offering affiliate marketing strategies along with financial management that allowed for ZipHub to manage their advertising fees and allocating the necessary funds to the selected charities.


Our goal was to drive customer acquisition, increase conversions, build affiliate relationships, improve customer layalty and more with ZipHub Web and Mobile platform. We needed to create an easy to navigate mobile solution that would display advertiser's Sponsored Ads and Daily Deals, created on their web portal and parsing that data to a consumer mobile app. The end consumer point of engagement would have discount coupons and Daily Deal offers display to the consumer based on the consumer's GPS location on their mobile device.


We accomplished the goals for the ZipHub platform by utilizing a series of software stacks that were best suited for each feature. Java for financial management, PHP for the web portals, both iOS and Android native mobile apps. The ZipHub platform required custom APIs for parsing all of the information to both mobile apps and ZipHub third party partners. All of this data was cumulated into a large data of click fees and commissions for consumer referrals. This information was managed in the ZipHub management system which controlled all aspects of the portal and fnancial allocation.

Project Summary

The ZipHub platform donates 10% of all revenue to nonprofits organizations selected by its members. It is a One Stop Shopping convenience. ZipHub provides a contral location for all of a member's needs, from restaurants to electrical providers to gifts, to services and more. A member benefits by initially accessing ZipHub, even when ultimately going to another site. By doing so, the member earns reward points while creating charitable contributions with each visit. This requires a series of functionality that we have created to handle members, advertisers, charities, financial management PPC campaigns, Coupon Daily Deals and more.